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5 Things You Should Definitely Consider When Buying Children’s Clothing

No question, buying children’s clothing is a challenge for most parents. As soon as you know, the shirt is warped, the sweater is too small and there is already a hole in the pants. The next clothing purchase is just around the corner.

The offer is almost endless. A variety of shapes, colors, sizes and materials patter on the often overwhelmed parents and in the end you somehow buy the wrong thing again. So where to start and what should you pay attention to? We have put together 5 criteria for you as well as exciting tips and tricks to make your children’s clothing purchase easier.

But before we start, you should first create a rough framework and be clear about the purpose for which the items of clothing are needed. Should the clothes be worn in kindergarten or rather on Grandma’s 65th birthday? What time of year and what weather is the clothing intended for? First of all, get a rough overview and think about it before you start your shopping spree. This will save you a lot of effort and frustration right from the start. You know what you need Excellent! Then here are 5 things you should definitely consider.


Unfortunately, especially in times of unlimited cheap shopping, there are also many black sheep among the children’s clothing manufacturers. Of course, it is tempting to buy clothes in cheap discounters, especially when you consider that children quickly grow out of their clothes and the cost factor always plays a role. However, items of clothing made from inferior, not skin-friendly materials can become a real ordeal for children with long-term consequences. Atopic dermatitis or allergies are unfortunately sad everyday life (in Germany around 15-20% of all children under 6 years of age suffer from atopic dermatitis).

For this reason, we recommend using skin-friendly materials such as 100% cotton, merino wool, silk, cashmere or similar. to put. In the meantime there are also great artificial fibers such as fleece or nicki. In addition to being well tolerated, these fabrics are easy to care for and hard-wearing. Also pay attention to appropriate seals such as ├ľko-Tex 100/1000/1000 +, Naturtextil best, Naturtextil, Naturleder, Global Organic Textil Standard (GOTS). These give you information about the materials used and their origin.


In addition to the material, the processing of the clothing is an equally important factor that you should definitely consider. This is the only way to ensure that a garment lasts a long time and can even be passed on. Seams, buttons and zippers often speak volumes.Kiskissing Baby Lace Trim Blue Bodysuit Wholesale

  • Seams: Should not be too tight, otherwise holes can easily form along them. A good seam is straight and has a small stitch length.
  • Buttons: Button holes should be processed just as well and should not fray. Close and open the buttons before buying. With good workmanship, this should be effortless.
  • Zippers: The same applies to the zipper. This should open and close easily without the lining getting caught in the zipper.


One of the most important quality features when buying clothing is the fit. A good fit also means a high level of comfort for your child. A size chart can serve as a first orientation. With this, the right clothing size can be determined based on body size and weight.

Regardless of whether the purchase is in the store or online, let the children try out the clothes and let them romp around a little. Under no circumstances should the clothing be too tight or loose. Likewise, the clothes should not be bought too far, as children can get caught and injured in things that are too wide.Little Girl Flower Butterfly Dress Wholesale


Many items of clothing are now peppered with useful features. Such as:

  • Reflectors
  • Detachable or pullable hoods from rain jackets
  • Removable legs or sleeves
  • Sunwear with UV protection
  • And much more

These add-ons make clothing more flexible and ready for more situations. Pay particular attention to these useful features when buying outdoor clothing.
Reflective children’s clothing in particular increases the safety of your child in the winter months many times over!

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Basically, most children are attracted to bright colors, funny prints or cartoon characters. Large or small, clothing is often an expression of our individuality. Let your children have a say in their clothing.

You promote your child’s style development and also make sure that the clothes are happy to wear. Most children have to adapt early enough, so why decide on clothing rules at an early age?


Clearly, children’s clothing represents a certain cost factor. And of course it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive branded product. In general, however, the motto is: cheap is expensive. Because if you buy cheap, you buy often! High-quality products are more durable, can be resold or later worn by siblings.

A good trick is also to get children’s clothing as a gift, for example at a baby shower or on children’s birthday parties. Talk to friends and relatives and express the children’s clothing request. Most people are always very happy to receive a gift note.

I hope these useful tips make your children’s clothing purchase easier in the future. At Kiskissing we choose our garments very carefully and pay particular attention to the criteria mentioned above.

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