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Summer Trends: Kids Marine Fashion

There are trends that transcend times, seasons and fashions. The navy style is one of them. In the summer, the striped print is a basic print that is also ultra practical: the same is used to dress sportily and in a more sophisticated way, it is unisex and feels great for both boys and girls.

What do Pablo Picasso or Coco Chanel have in common? Both were staunch fans of the marine trend, mainly striped t-shirts, which became an icon thanks to their bohemian but careful styling.

In wholesale children’s fashion, the marine trend continues, one more summer, on the crest of the wave. So in today’s post of Kiskissing, we review some of the proposals of this trend presented for summer 2020 by our favorite brands. Let’s start!

Summer 2019 Marine Trend

kauli children's marine fashion

The designs of KAULI, one of our leading children’s fashion brands, are characterized by having first-class cotton and by fascinating the little ones with their modern and urban patterns. Dresses with scalloped finishes and sweatshirts with ranglan sleeves or frock-cut are some of the proposals that you can find now at Kiskissing.

Nanos marine fashion

navy trend Nanos children's fashion

NANOS, meanwhile, points to the navy trend with a different touch. This season it bets on colors out of the ordinary and on lace appliques and laces that give the garments a flirty and fun air. Ideal for both a prominent occasion and day to day. Everything will depend on the accessories that accompany them!

navy style Lolittos children's fashion

If there is an element that stands out in marine fashion, that is the anchor, protagonist of LOLITTOS ‘ proposals. The children’s fashion firm surprises us again with its colorful designs, where towels with matching backpacks in red and white stripes or in the most fashionable fluorine tones this season stand out. Also, what do you think of this T-shirt + bermuda set? A cool choice for all kinds of outdoor plans.

Girls striped sailor dresses Mami Maria

Are you looking for a special garment? Mami Maria’s dresses for girls can become your little girl’s must have this summer. Imagine these looks accompanied by matching dancers or lace-up shirts. Don’t you think they are ideal? Versatile designs for those events where you have to go a little more arranged.

Eva Castro marine children's fashion

In this mass line, we cannot forget EVA CASTRO. We love the combination of sailor stripes + gingham check print. Who said mixing patterns was prohibited? If summer is the time when the little ones have more fun, let’s do the same by dressing them.

navy striped girl dresses La Amapola

And, for those unforgettable dates, nothing like these LA AMAPOLA sets. As always, the firm’s wealth of fabrics and patterns is further enhanced thanks to its dedication in generating matching details and accessories. Elegant clothes for girls that never go unnoticed.

Navy Style Fans
As you can see, if you are a fan of navy fashion, this summer you have multiple options when it comes to opting for the summer trend that takes more. Prints of sailor stripes in different shades, plush clothing and resistant and cool cottons, beach accessories for children ready to go to the latest… Everything you see in the photos and more is at your disposal from now on both our website and in our physical stores.

Sailor fashion Fairy Dream

online sailor style kids clothing

kids sailor fashion

If you are still not convinced by the charms of this trend … wait to read these curious facts! Surely you do not expect them.

Curiosities of the Marine Trend

Previously called the Breton ray, the sailor ray emerged in 1858 as part of the uniform of the French shipping company.
The initial design had a 21-line jacket, one for each Napoleon’s victory.
After a visit to the French coast, Coco Chanel was inspired by the iconic print and introduced it to her designs to change the course of fashion.
Audrey Hepburn, Picasso, Gaultier … numerous celebrities have contributed throughout history to place the marine print on the map of everlasting trends.
James Dean popularized this design in the famous movie “Rebel Without a Cause” (1955) and Cary Grant did the same in “Catch a Thief” (1955).
In 1965 Andy Warhol made his striped T-shirt an emblem of New York chic, making it the coolest garment of the moment.

Without a doubt, the navy style is a style with a lot of history !!!

Thank you very much for following the Kiskissing children’s fashion blog. We hope, as always, to have inspired you when choosing the best summer clothing sets for boys and girls.

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